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Articulating Thought: II

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Makeup Splurge!

I just recently splurged on makeup. Oops! My previous go to look was a simple BB cream & mascara. Until recently, I became interested in more! Summer boredom brought that upon. Anyways, out of some of the products I purchased, I decided to share because I absolutely LA LA LOVE THEM! First of all, fair… Continue reading Makeup Splurge!


Book of the Month: Big Miracles

"If you're seeking miracles, you're in the right place." - Joanna Garzilli The book definitely brought me miracles. As I was searching for a lost book in the library, I luckily came across Big Miracles. The cover intrigued me as it sat on the display rack. Little did I know, this book was going to… Continue reading Book of the Month: Big Miracles


How to: Revitalize Your Life

"Life is only as good as you make it!" Life can seem like a mental battle. Negativity is like a black hole. You feel as if there is no way out.... but with these personal tips, there is!!! READ an INSPIRATIONAL BOOK!   Reading does so much for the brain. It is a great escape from social… Continue reading How to: Revitalize Your Life


a Fun OOTD!☼

"Pink: A Girl's Best Friend" This season, the pink color has been popping up everywhere! While relieving our minds off finals, a kind friend of mine, Lindsay, allowed me to show off her cute Outfit Of The Day! It's living proof that you can still stunt through finals! 😉 Today, she is wearing a fabulous off the… Continue reading a Fun OOTD!☼


5 Summertime Essentials!

Bracelets are the easiest way to look  put together. For the summertime, the gold cuff will spice up any outfit  and compliment your summertime skin! Thankfully, Target offers a variety of inexpensive cuffs. Gold Cuff   Is it summer without a pair of fun shades? Summertime is made for fun and adventures. These shades from… Continue reading 5 Summertime Essentials!


Skincare & Makeup All-in-One

One word: Glossier. I just recently ordered three products from the New York City based company Glossier. My favorite (so far) is the Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color. Due to my fair skin, I chose the shade "Puff". The product is very pigmented, so little is needed for application. The hydrating paint creates a healthy,… Continue reading Skincare & Makeup All-in-One


Articulating Thought: I

Life is not some beautiful masterpiece in which everything is perfect. Life is unfair and difficult. It's not the cherry on top, it's not the end of the rainbow nor it is not the golden ticket in a chocolate bar. The "downs" push for growth. Growth is required to obtain strength. Strength leads to success.… Continue reading Articulating Thought: I



Fall time is my favorite season! Partially because I am an October baby but mainly because I am a lover of fall looks. From layering sweaters, breaking out the stylin' booties and rockin' the autumn colors, FALL LOOKS GO CRAZY! First, one of my favorites lately has been prints.  Almost every department store is incorporating… Continue reading SPOOKY SZN LOOKS