Skincare & Makeup All-in-One

One word: Glossier.

I just recently ordered three products from the New York City based company Glossier.

My favorite (so far) is the Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color. Due to my fair skin, I chose the shade “Puff”. The product is very pigmented, so little is needed for application. The hydrating paint creates a healthy, vibrant face.

Next, I ordered the Haloscope highlighter in the shade Quartz. The application is a tad bit more difficult than other highlights I have used, but I love the dewy look it gives! Along with your skin is glowing, the makeup is infused with Vitamin-E (that is known to keep the skin youthful)!!

To top the list off, I also received the Balm Dotcom: universal skin salve. Unfortunately, I actually meant to order the cherry flavor but the regular works wonders. Nightly, I apply Β the salve to my lips and goodbye chapped lips! The product is not flavored, which is the only downfall. (I am a big fan of flavored chapsticks!!)

The Products:

Cloud Paint


Balm Dotcom




13 thoughts on “Skincare & Makeup All-in-One

      1. Aw you’re so sweet, I will be blogging about fashion and beauty soon but my first post is about the new Netflix show thirteen reasons why because I just can’t get enough of it πŸ’• have you watched it?


      2. It’s such an inspiring show it actually inspired me to start the blog because I was just thinking to myself last night how I’d just love a forum to discuss such topics as well as my love for fashion , I’m a fashion merchandiser in college so I will have lots of fashion posts soon hopefully. Yes I may pick up the book πŸ’• thanks darling really appreciate it πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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    1. I’ve had their Super Pure for only a week now I really like it. My boyfriend even noticed my skin lookong healthier-which is pretty good for him, lol. Today I went a bought the whole damn pack and am going to give the extra to my mother for Mothers day. It’s a bit of a splurge- BUT I’ve always wanted a skincare routine that just enhances what I already have

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      1. I have honestly had no redness using the Super Pure, but do follow up with a good moisturizer as it is geared towards acne prone skin. I felt a little dryness without it, must be the zinc or something. BUT I will def. do an update once I get the other two products and have had them on rotate for a week. πŸ™‚

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