How to: Revitalize Your Life

“Life is only as good as you make it!”

Life can seem like a mental battle. Negativity is like a black hole. You feel as if there is no way out…. but with these personal tips, there is!!!

  1. READ an INSPIRATIONAL BOOK!   Reading does so much for the brain. It is a great escape from social media and the outside! Although, books have become expensive. So I decided to get a library card and take advantage of what my county offers. I religiously check out books now. Libraries have self-improvement, health and lifestyle books that will CHANGE your life. Last time, I checked out the audiobook “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. I like to listen to the book on my way to work. Robbins motivational words set my mindset throughout the day! Click this link for a video summary > Awaken
  2. CREATE a NIGHTLY ROUTINE! Routines are common, but creating one to take the time to decompress from the day is essential. From soaking in a hot bath, exfoliating to moisturizing, I have found that self-care is a relieving practice. Therapeutic Salt Soak
  3. MEDITATE THROUGH MUSIC! For those terribly anxious nights we all have, relaxing music is key. YouTube and Spotify have an amazing collection of meditational podcast to listen to instead of strolling online before bed! 8hr Deep Sleep Music
  4. WRITE LISTS! Life can get hectic will all that it requires. Plan to write out your lists in the morning to create a less stressful day ahead of you. It is actually therapeutic!
  5. MAKE A VISION BOARD! We all have goals. Remind yourself daily that you are GREAT and you can achieve these GOALS! Not only are goals uplifting, the DYI craft is a therapeutic. Vision Board via Pinterest
  6. TAKE a LONGER WALK!  Personally, I believe walking and drinking water is the best cure to ANYTHING. Walking increases circulation and oxygen to every cell in your body. Some online websites claim that studies have proven that walking can be as effective as some anti-depressants. Walk out the negativity loves!!

Sending positive vibes to all. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips to uplift your day!


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