Happy Sunday my lovelies. Are you struggling to reach your fitness goals? Is going to the gym a “negative” thing in your life? Here is some help.

Start your week off right with these 5 gym motivation tips 🙂

Buy CUTE workout clothes!

I know that being a new gym “go-er” can be terrifying. It causes a lot of people anxiety. I have found that when I am wearing a gym outfit I feel bangin’ in, I immediately feel motivated to go on! Confidence and discipline are two very IMPORTANT factors in leading into a new lifestyle. Stores like TJ Maxx and Target tend to have more affordable workouts clothes.

Go with a FRIEND!!

Bringing a friend can ease some of that anxiety. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Get a friend who has the same fitness goals as you. Before you know it, the gym will be a habit.  PS: Try scheduling workouts with that friend ahead of time to guarantee!

Listen to workout PLAYLIST to get you HYPE!!

Music can do so much! Especially hype music that gets ya pumpin! Spotify has amazing playlists just search up “workout” and many genres will pop up. Here is my current gym playlist, feel free to follow it on Spotify.

Hip-Hop Gym Playlist

Find inspiration via YouTube videos!!

I find there is no better way than watching fitness gurus on YouTube. Their bodies inspire me beyond belief. Fitness is crucial to living a stable, successful lifestyle. There are some links below of my favorite YouTubers 🙂


Cristina Capron

Create REWARDS for you!!

Remember to keep in mind to take baby steps as you take off into your new journey. Use rewards for your hard word in the beginning steps. Whether it is purchasing an item you’ve wanted for awhile or eating a yummy snack you’ve been craving, these will be motivating factors to fuel your gym time!


Thanks for reading these 5 short tips. Comment back if you have any others to add!

Much love,

Glo from glowbie.wordpress.com


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