Book of the Month: Big Miracles

“If you’re seeking miracles, you’re in the right place.” – Joanna Garzilli

The book definitely brought me miracles. As I was searching for a lost book in the library, I luckily came across Big Miracles. The cover intrigued me as it sat on the display rack. Little did I know, this book was going to change my life.

Joanna Garzilli (@JoannaGarzilli) is a spiritual success coach and motivational speaker (my passion). Her words seem to speak directly to me. Life’s obstacles are explained in a new sense. Each chapter involves a different step to become spiritually closer to Spirit. Within the chapters, there are self-guided reflections and journal activities. The lesson was further ingrained once I  put my own conscious into the powerful rules.


Even if you practice another religion, replace Spirit as yourself. The lessons in this book will last a lifetime and are universal. It teaches you how to achieve your dreams without self-doubt. Whatever you are going through, Big Miracles will be your guide.

Enjoy your summer reads, & stay tuned for my new Colourpop haul coming this week!!


Glo from

Aim to live your life selfless, with gratitude and great balance.


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