Skincare & Makeup All-in-One

One word: Glossier. I just recently ordered three products from the New York City based company Glossier. My favorite (so far) is the Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color. Due to my fair skin, I chose the shade "Puff". The product is very pigmented, so little is needed for application. The hydrating paint creates a healthy,… Continue reading Skincare & Makeup All-in-One

Spunky & Funky

Pom-Poms have officially left the craft cabinet!!  Welcome to the fashion industry my little fuzzy ones. They add such an exciting look to any sandal for the summer.  From the model's tie-ups, to gladiators, the Pom-poms spunk up any look!! With that said, this summertime fling would be a great DYI. Here is a link for a Pom-Pom… Continue reading Spunky & Funky